Monday, June 8, 2009

New Generation is facing problems

hi guyz this one is my first blog hope ull enjoy it...
its summer time and most of the schools and colleges r off with their summer holidays...and just like otherz m also having my holidays but therez huge difference wat we r experiencing today and wat it used to be years lifez getting tougher and tougher we r putting our very best in every field of life ..our relationz have become more complicated,our studies mind bogling,our admissions for universities like LUMS ,NUST, GIK & AGHA KHAN have become our only aim for life ....ahh not just an aim its a "do or die" bussiness for few ov us ......everything which matterz is competition...grown ups r in competition for money,power & status while teenz for better futures,lifestyles and off course better and hotter girls/guyz..
everything which matters is "to be on top'...but it has a very adverse affect on our lives now therez jealousy everywhere nobodyz otherz true friend ...each person is in a struggle to beat otherz we have lost true happiness ,our honesty for each other ,our faith in our loved onez...
To cut it short...our lives r becoming more n more troublesome day by day and da only onez responsible r "ourselves"if we start focusing a little bit over other issues like being self less for sometime and acting for betterment of otherz then not only our own lives would be much lighter n peaceful but also we will prove to be da "best of creatures on earth "which we r entitled by GOD .

hope ull appreciate my work and ill be looking forward to ur comments !!


  1. Alaka For the first tyme i realise that i do have someone wid a brain...nice work..keep it up!!:P